Sunday, January 22, 2023

Can anybody tell me?

 Was there a written contingency plan for the failure of the NOTAM application?  Did it really say "shut down the industry?"  Had that plan been shared with the owners and users of the system?  Did they concur in it?  Obviously the flying public did not know.  What other remedies were considered and rejected in arriving at this plan?   Did the plan contain an estimate or an assumption as to the failure rate of the system?  Did the plan enumerate the failure modes.  Was operator error one of the enumerated modes or was it simply accounted for under "other."  Can anybody tell me? 

Can anybody tell me how much the shutdown cost?  How does that cost relate to the cost of the system?

One report suggested that there are roughly 30,000 records in the system but that perhaps as many as 5,000 are no longer current.  Can anybody tell me how many changes are made to this database in a day?  How many changes occurred during the shutdown?  

Another report suggested that the flight plan for an international flight might contain as many as 100 pages of NOTAMs.  Can anyone tell me what the signal to noise ratio is in the database?  

Please tell me that there was a plan and that it worked as intended rather than that this was a massive failure of management and governance.  Can anyone help me here?  These questions seem to deserve, not to say demand, an answer.